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Waste Connections

Increased website performance for hundreds of distinct locations and brands through API integrations.





Waste Connections needed to boost usability and performance across hundreds of websites for multiple locations and brands.

Because Waste Connections was building and maintaining their websites on many different platforms, including Salesforce and WordPress, they wanted a solution that would improve their current websites as well as empower them to roll out new websites faster.

Their legacy websites had four primary problems:

  1. Old, rudimentary designs
  2. Difficult-to-update, duplicative content
  3. Poor SEO performance and slow page speed
  4. Bad user experience and customer usability

By modernizing its website design, Waste Connections wanted to increase customer engagement and lower call volume for questions their website could answer. They also wanted to accelerate both the speed of delivery and the speed of implementation.

For this large website project, Waste Connections partnered with Brandcast and ASTOUNDZ, a leading internet marketing agency based in Houston, Texas. Together they centralized workflows, connected localized data through their API, and utilized Brandcast’s modern serverless architecture.

In just a few months, they implemented a robust, multisite solution on Brandacast, with an entirely new design and user experience.

“The API really makes it work for us. It’s incredibly powerful. We’re delivering distinct content on pages that are shared by 45 different locations.”—Eric Hansen, Waste Connections Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

Through the Brandcast API, Waste Connections now manages and delivers data for over 200 locations and dynamically creates distinct websites and landing pages with location-specific contact information and services.

After implementing Brandcast, Waste Connections saw immediate results. They launched new websites for 196 US locations and 45 Canadian locations. SEO improved and traffic to their websites is way up. They’re also experiencing increased sales, improved customer service, and lower call volume.

“Our new website platform is dedicated to customers, getting them the right information, becoming useful, offering customer service, providing phone numbers, showing them when their pick-up days are and how to recycle things specifically for their areas. It’s much more useful and a lot faster.”—Eric Hansen, Waste Connections Chief Information Officer and Senior Vice President

Waste Connections results:

  • Increased Performance
  • 400% increase in page speed
  • Localization at Scale
  • 200+ Regional Microsites
  • Improved speed to Market
  • 8x faster launch time

Waste Connections—an industry leader in waste management services throughout the United States and Canada—needed to improve online performance across hundreds of websites and distinct brands. Their websites were built on multiple platforms, leading to problems with design, content, SEO performance, and customer experience.

After contacting ASTOUNDZ, a Brandcast agency partner, Waste Connections rapidly implemented a Brandcast API website solution for over 200 locations across the United States and Canada, immediately increasing performance, sales, and customer engagement.

Waste Connections now has the power to roll out new, high-performance websites in minutes and is working to move more content onto the Brandcast platform.

Property sites • Proposals • Marketing

Colliers International

Colliers International,​ a commercial real estate leader, fuels their business with digital content. Building a system of customizable templates​ on Brandcast empowered them to meet the content needs of over 40 global offices.





As a global commercial real estate company, Colliers maintains an extensive digital portfolio. From its primary website, to individual websites for each of its regional offices, to individual listing websites for thousands of properties for sale or lease all over the world, Colliers is constantly launching and maintaining countless web properties across multiple platforms.

Like many large companies, Colliers was challenged to identify local resources to maintain existing digital properties and maintain brand consistency across all of their websites.

Regional offices that maintained their own digital properties were largely dependent on teams of developers to make even small revisions to their websites and property listing pages. Small changes to a website’s copy or images proved both expensive and time-intensive.

Since each office was in charge of their own websites, Colliers struggled to maintain any kind of brand consistency. Different website platforms, designers, and development resources meant regional offices could make their own design decisions, often in contrast with established brand guidelines.

Brandcast offered Colliers a code-free alternative that their marketing teams across different offices could use to create and publish websites and property listings, allowing for rapid, brand-controlled web development without costly development fees or slow launch times. With Brandcast’s simple visual interface, Colliers’ internal team of designers and marketers are able to design custom web experiences from scratch. They can also curate a growing collection of templates that allow non-designers to quickly repurpose designs for new projects.

“Enabling our field to better position local teams and Colliers professionals through sophisticated web experiences is a key goal. Colliers is excited to partner with Brandcast to bring industry leading web technology to Colliers.”—Paul Booth, Global Director of Marketing Technology at Colliers International

Brandcast’s global style controls​ also ensure that new websites adhere to Colliers’ style guidelines, keeping regional offices and individual users on brand and on message.

Brandcast is now used in more than 55 Colliers offices all over the world. To date, Colliers teams have built over 450 sites, using templates that help preserve their brand identity while offering a centralized collaborative platform​ to maintain and launch websites.

Thanks to Brandcast, Colliers​ is now able to launch much more than just team websites and individual listing pages. Now Colliers also uses Brandcast to publish web-based marketing content like market research reports, giving customers an entirely new way of engaging online.

Brandcast’s Customer Success team has supported Colliers through on-site trainings​ to regional offices all over the world, custom-built templates​ approved by Colliers’ corporate offices, and a dedicated website with product resources, tutorials, and more.

Colliers is a global commercial real estate company​ with over 17,000 employees in more than 400 offices in 68 countries around the world.

As a worldwide brand, Colliers has hundreds of regional offices​ that frequently need to publish and update property listing websites, branch websites, and digital marketing and sales collateral. Additionally, all these digital assets need to maintain a consistent brand identity with premium design standards that Colliers customers have come to recognize and expect.

With Brandcast, Colliers is able to launch an unlimited number of property websites and other digital assets,​ empowering regional offices to maintain their own online presence by launching and editing premium designed web-based experiences entirely in-house without code.

Sales Proposals

Pivot Interiors

Sales proposals build in Brandcast work better.





Pivot Interiors is known for designing custom space solutions for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 500s. Their designers take great pride in creating physical environments that improve well-being, inspire innovation, and improve employee performance.

Pivot guides clients towards a variety of environments, customized to their teams’ needs. Along the way, they partner with talented architects and interior designers and work with some of the most innovative companies in the world.

With a small marketing team, they strive to communicate their vision and out-of-the-box thinking to prospective clients. Presenting Pivot’s vision takes a lot of visual materials, and gathering those into a cohesive layout in Adobe InDesign was a time-intensive process.

Despite the time and effort involved in producing these custom PDF proposals, Lisa Knowles, Pivot’s Creative manager, and Emily Gibson, their senior content strategist, felt the results still fell far short of the level of creativity they want to convey. “We’re selling innovative solutions for clients, but the static PDF doesn’t present it in the most innovative way,” Lisa says. Emily added, “There’s not much room for an immersive experience, or an element of surprise.”

Pivot collaborates with companies who tend to skew younger and tech-savvy. Their clients expect highly aesthetic, engaging presentations when they put out requests for design proposals. The Pivot team went to Brandcast for a solution.

When the Brandcast team learned that Pivot was looking for a better way to present their work in RFPs and project scope documents, they were immediately inspired.

“The account manager thought an interactive presentation was a great fit for us,” Lisa says. “He was so convinced that he wanted to build something for us to try out."

“Brandcast helped us win the largest project in our company’s history.” —Lisa Knowles, Creative Manager with Pivot Interiors

Brandcast worked with Pivot to wireframe their proposal, and built the framework for them in Brandcast’s cloud-based Design Studio. The Brandcast design team then used Pivot’s visual resources to create a highly engaging platform that showcased the creative solutions they wanted to present.

It paid off—their Brandcast RFP website helped Pivot win a landmark project, the biggest deal in the company’s history.

With Brandcast, Pivot’s team can build visually engaging web-based experiences​ that reflect their innovative designs and help them showcase their ideas in a modern digital space. Additionally, after the deal is won, they can build web-based plans for project scope and deliverables in Brandcast.

“Brandcast helped us show the client that we were thinking differently about their project. Brandcast helped us speak their language,” says Lisa.

As a creative workplace solutions provider, Pivot​ needed to submit RFPs that were innovative, highly visual, and engaging, not just to showcase their talents, but to stand out in a competitive field.

They were designing templates in Adobe InDesign, handing them off to the bid team, and letting them deliver the static decks. Each one could take two to three weeks to prepare.

Brandcast stepped in to suggest making a fully immersive, highly visual website to showcase Pivot’s creative solutions in the RFP. Pivot landed the project, which became the largest project they’d ever done.

Sales Proposals


How a global furniture dealer and workplace innovator used Brandcast to create digital showrooms.





Insidesource is a global furniture dealer and workplace innovator. They help companies create spaces where people thrive at work. A challenge they faced was how to create proposals for their innovative workplace solutions in a format that fully captured the interest and imagination of their prospects.

The Insidesource creative team created offline documents such as PDFs and slide decks to build custom proposals for their clients. These formats fell short of their needs because:

  • They were not interactive
  • Did not render well on mobile devices
  • Did not provide Insidesource with data and insights on customer engagement
  • Were not editable after they sent them to the client

With Brandcast, Insidesource is now able to create unique websites and interactive content for each customer and prospect.

Brandcast’s code-free technology enables their creative team to design and launch websites quickly by removing any dependence on web development or coding.

“Brandcast has enabled Insidesource to transition more rapidly to a digital first approach for all our content. From creating immersive RFP responses and digital showroom environments, to more engaging event invitations, Brandcast has really helped us elevate our brand.”—Anne Van Wagener, Brand Marketing Manager at Insidesource

Instead of relying solely on PDFs, Insidesource is now able to send RFPs and project deliverables​ to prospects that are:

  • Interactive
  • Mobile-responsive
  • Capable of providing data and analytics
  • Able to be updated with a moment’s notice

Global furniture dealer and workplace innovator Insidesource​ needed a way to make their proposals stand out from their competitors.

Their creative team was creating PDFs and slide decks that lacked critical functionality such as interactivity and mobile optimization.

With Brandcast, Insidesource is now creating digital showrooms​ and interactive content for each customer and prospect with Brandcast that allows them to gain insights on customer engagement.

Microsite • Blog • Marketing collateral

Global Hotel Alliance

Global Hotel Alliance​ needed to quickly create high quality digital content to drive bookings for its 35 hotel brands. Brandcast allowed them to streamline production of custom landing pages​ and websites for new marketing campaigns.





Global Hotel Alliance​ is the world’s largest collection of upscale and luxury hotel brands from across the world. Following the airline alliance model, they created a shared technology platform for its member brands, and operate a multi-brand loyalty program called DISCOVERY. The program has over 16 million members and produces over $1.7B in room revenue for their 35+ brands.

The globally dispersed marketing team was having trouble keeping up with the demands of constantly bringing on new hotel brands. They relied on an external web agency to hard-code landing pages for marketing campaigns.

Global Hotel Alliance’s marketing team would first mock up the landing pages and microsites, and then send them over to their e-commerce team to assess, who would finally hand them over to the external web agency for implementation.

Due to a challenging workflow, it would routinely take several weeks or more to get an initial draft back, which in turn would often need revisions. Overall, the workflow challenges would often lead to delayed timelines, which negatively affected the campaign’s ability to bring in new bookings which directly contributes to the company’s revenue.

Global Hotel Alliance was vetting technologies that would empower them to bring more work in-house and limit their reliance on third-party agencies​ and developers when they came across Brandcast.

 They were intrigued by the possibility of their marketing team being able to create and manage web projects without any dependency on developers.

 The cloud-based platform was also appealing since their team is globally distributed, so being able to collaborate from anywhere was vital.

“Using Brandcast has empowered our marketing organization to become more agile and perform at a higher level. By utilizing a technology that allows us to own the end-to-end production of web content, we’re able to increase both campaign velocity and effectiveness.”—Matt Lloyd, Director of Marketing Communications at Global Hotel Alliance

The impact was immediate—their small marketing team leveraged Brandcast’s template and content block libraries to build new landing pages within five days of adoption.

Their marketers were able to bring web development work in-house to save budget and gain more control​ over brand integrity and user experience.

Since adopting Brandcast, Global Hotel Alliance has transformed their marketing strategy and process.

 Instead of taking weeks for simple website edits and months for new page templates, they’re able to rapidly produce world-class campaigns​ by building high quality landing pages at unprecedented speed, improving customer experience and client support.

Perhaps most significantly, the marketing team has been able to pivot from primarily living in a reactive state to a forward-thinking one.

 Instead of wasting the time, money, and energy it used to take to produce web content for newly onboarded brands, they can focus their efforts on scaling personalization in order to increase conversion rates which increases revenue, and adding more brands to the alliance to grow the overall business.

The world’s largest alliance of independent hotel brands was relying on an external web agency to hard-code landing pages​ for the global marketing and communications team.

The process was time-consuming and expensive, so they sought to find a technology that provided a more efficient way to build and manage landing pages and microsites for new marketing campaigns.

Brandcast allowed the marketing team to be self-sufficient​ and create these landing pages and microsites faster and with a significant cost savings.





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