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TIME Sites is a unified platform with studios for design, marketing, sales, and IT to create unique, effective content. Together.


Hosting that runs on a serverless architecture, powered by AWS and Fastly @edge.

99.9% Uptime

TIME Sites sites run on the best, providing industry standard uptimes.

SSL Standard

Sites published to custom domains via TIME Sites receive automatic SSL certificates.


TIME Sites works with your existing marketing technology stack.


Host your sites with TIME Sites
When hosted with TIME Sites, your sites will be powered by AWS and Fastly. With data centers worldwide, rest assured your sites will always load quickly. Customers can easily manage access and sharing within TIME Sites, and you can restrict access to published sites with password protection. (For more detailed information about hosting with TIME Sites, download our AWS backend architecture diagram below.)

The architecture and security you’d expect from an enterprise-grade website cloud platform.


What languages can be published on TIME Sites sites?
TIME Sites supports all living languages (ISO 639-1 languages). You can easily set the language of the site for SEO purposes in the Website Settings​ panel in the app.

How does code export work?
Exporting the code is readily available from the File​ menu in TIME Sites. Sites can be exported in two formats: 1) development code (non-minified), or 2) production code (minified). Development code is human-readable—it will be clearly formatted for you to scan, read, and edit it if you want to. Production code is optimized for website performance.

How do embeds work?
Third-party functionality or custom code snippets can be embedded onto your TIME Sites pages. Common examples of embedded functionality include:

• Data collection forms
• Interactive location finders
• E-commerce “Buy” buttons
• Ad units
• Social aggregation widgets
• Interactive maps

An embed can also be used if you need to develop an element that requires more interaction than the Brandcast Design Studio allows.

Are there any storage or hosting limits?
No limits. TIME Sites provides your company with truly infinite scalability when creating and hosting your sites on our platform.

Ready to TIME Sites your business?

With TIME Sites, digital transformation becomes real—where it counts the most, happens the fastest, and delivers the highest ROI—by engaging customers with digital moments that feel alive.





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